The high school years are a crucial time to begin definition of a “Path” for post-high school opportunities. However, most students have no idea what path to follow.

The task is overwhelming!

Along with everything else on students’ plates: Classwork, GPA’s, exams, SAT/ACT prep, social agendas, family and friend events and stressors, emotional issues, physical growing issues, peer pressure, athletics, extra-curricular pursuits, volunteer/community involvement, boyfriend/girlfriend issues, “How do I look?,” learning to drive, driving, more tests, becoming who we are going to be…introversion, extroversion, “What did they say about me?”

Just imagine how they feel when asked:

“What do you want to study, major in, BECOME?”

We can help!

Freshman and sophomore years are the ideal time for this self-discovery because the information learned can be put to use throughout the rest of the high school years and there is more peace and personal satisfaction in knowing you are heading in a positive direction.

However, Juniors and Seniors are under the gun to make decisions…our GPS experience can either confirm a pre-determined direction…or, open their eyes and minds to other possibilities.

Almost half of all college students begin their post-secondary educational journey with little to no clue of what they really want to pursue. “Undecided” is clearly the most popular “Major” in the Freshman year of college. Taking time to examine opportunities and get their feet wet in the college experience without the pressure of a major is an ideal decision for many students. However, if they at least have an idea of the “direction” they want to travel, pressure is released and they are able to make class choices wisely and not waste tuition dollars on classes which will not help them on their journey.

Also, a dose of reflection and self-understanding is an ideal gift for the student moving out on their own, living with strangers for the first time in their lives.

They will understand that not everyone just “gets along”…and they are not living with family anymore. If they have experienced GPS…they will have had a great short course in understanding and appreciating unique differences and how to best communicate with those not necessarily like us.

If your student is just going to college…or, has been there for awhile and still feels lost, GPS may just be the start of a definitive direction. Don’t waste precious education dollars anymore!
If your high school student has hopes and dreams of playing their sport beyond the high school field or arena…your college-choice journey will include many more “decision-makers” than students who are not going to add that element to their selection process.

For student-athletes, their chosen path of study is an even greater question because every coach they meet in the recruiting process will ask them the question: “What do you want to study?” Saying, “I don’t know,” is not the answer they are looking for. They are looking for athletes with some direction. It does not have to be a “Final Answer”…but, they want athletes who have a plan. It shows that they have more on their minds and in their futures than simply continuing to play their sport.

The NCAA has a great media campaign: “…most will go pro in something other than sports.” Watch their videos and view their student information here:

GPS-Game Plan Strategy has a division for student athletes. Our coaching specialist can give you honest and open advice, feedback and prepare you for what to expect in the recruiting process…from a very objective point of view. Know what to expect and how to make sure you are prepared for the process so you will be on the right path!