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We will provide a questionnaire to gather more in-depth information about the student’s experiences, interests and involvements so we may incorporate this information in our debrief process.

Next, we meet with the student and parent to de-brief the inventories (can be done in a one-on-one that takes about 2 hours…or, as part of a GPS Workshop with other students and parents). We feel it is important that a parent, guardian or adult mentor become the “accountability partner” in this self-discovery process. There are dozens of opportunities for inventories to be taken online…you can be assessed for everything from your ideal color to what “animal” you represent! The difference with our program comes with the validity and history behind our inventories, the integrity behind our feedback and delivery process to the student and the accountability component for the student to have partnership to be “co-pilots” in the discovery process.

The student receives 50+ pages of information personalized to their values and behaviors. It is written in first person, for that student. Insights include: Ideal Environment, Communication Do’s and Don’ts, Present Wants and Needs, 3 pages of General Characteristics (a great source for writing resumes, college essays and scholarship essays), Ideal Job Behavioral Demands, Personal Strengths, Potential Strengths and Weaknesses, Occupational Suggestions, Workplace Motivators, etc.

We also offer the optional Career Coaching for Students workbook with personal one-on-one direction to utilize and leverage the information gathered during the inventory process into a Strategic Action Plan with online sources and activities provided with an included CD ROM. This course can be utilized within school systems.

Our goal for students is the discovery of a PATH that brings them satisfaction and ignites their passion for growth. We ask that they imagine their current options as 360º of a circle. With our GPS (Game Plan Strategy) process, we will help them narrow that path. Therefore, they will Take Off in the right direction! This is not an “exact science. As the student progresses through their education and experiences, the information they gather in this self-discovery process will function as a foundation of facts to build their future path upon.