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“After the Career Coaching Workshop, I felt completely at peace with my daughter’s choice of photography as a career path. She is perfectly “wired” for it! Before, I had just thought of it as a hobby. We are both so much more at peace and excited about the future!”

~A mother of a workshop participant

“This is incredible and extremely insightful. I feel like the fog has been lifted. I have several friends planning to do the program.”

~A College Student

THIS IS HUGE!” I can’t even express what it means to Gabrielle and to us as a family!
A Mom of an 11th Grade Girl
"The seminar was a very rewarding experience for yours truly. It reinforced a lot of self-beliefs and also opened my eyes to some personal behavior I was previously unaware of. Best of all, it has already paid instant dividends in my advising capacity – I had a “serious” conversation with one of my student-athletes just yesterday, someone who had been skipping class, doing poorly in school, etc. This athlete is a really nice kid, but simply was not doing what they were supposed to do off the field. However, instead of taking my usual stern approach, I dialed down my emotions a little and the student-athlete really opened up to me about some serious personal issues…I wish I could take credit for getting this person to open up, but I can’t – it happened only because I realized after our meeting that you can’t talk to sensitive kids the same way you talk to the kids with big egos if you want to really get to know them”

~Dustin Lewis
University of Kentucky Athletics Academic Advisor

I just KNEW I would get a full ride at a major university for football. It was all laid out for me, then, came my back injury which left me on the sidelines for football for the rest of my life. Taking this seminar gave me hope of an exciting future. It allowed me to focus on what I really love and what type of environment I would focus best in. It also helped me understand the importance of grades and how they could take me to college in something I could do for the rest of my life.
A former DI high school football star
“Career coaching with Laurie Wilson was such a fantastic experience last fall with my 11th grade daughter, that when my son came home at Christmas time from his freshman year of college, I had him meet with Laurie as well. Both of my children benefitted immensely from the assessments taken and subsequent discussion of the data. Both myself and my husband also benefitted as Laurie encourages a parent to attend each seminar with their children. This is a fantastic opportunity for parents to get both validation that the traits and gifts they thought they saw in their children were in fact observable to others and to learn new dimensions and strengths about their children they had yet to discover! My daughter especially appreciated the career coaching seminar as she did not know what to do with her interests in history and teaching and her gift for organization and leadership. After the seminar, she felt more confident about her interests and strengths and knew that there was not just one possible career path, but many. My son, who had been accepted into Medical school early recognized his passion for the sciences and theoretical challenges, but was unsure what aspect of medicine to pursue. He really did not have a handle on how he was wired and what opportunities embedded in medical school admission he should try to maximize. The career coaching seminar made it crystal clear to him that he wanted to pursue a career in medical research. The experience was invaluable for both children at two different points in their college and career search.”

~A parent of a high school and a college level participant.

Laurie is phenomenal. She has a natural gift for working with high school students and their parents. I’ve worked in corporate human resources, college admissions and high school college counseling for thirteen years and I haven’t seen a better assessment tool. This experience is absolutely essential for all teens who are discerning their personal strengths and career interests.
Molly Roebker Director, College& Career Guidance , St. Ursula Academy