A Message from Laurie "GPS Coach"

“Many people ask: Why do you want to work with students? When we discover our passions…we need to act upon them. This is what I share with my families. Working with students has become a “sweet spot” for me. I have taught at the college level for over a dozen years, taught, coached and consulted in corporate America since the early ‘90’s, and spent a decade prior to that in corporate management. Countless times I had students/clients say, “If I had just known this information about myself when I was younger…what a difference it would have made in my life!” I heard that so many times, then, my son entered high school and we were experiencing the same questions, concerns and stressors as you may be right now! He is a student/athlete…so we also had those factors to bring into the equation. If he was going to play for a college and follow his dreams, he had to “get on the path.” I was able to utilize my past coaching expertise as a Certified Professional Behavior and Values Analyst to not only help my son but to also begin to help other families. The Career Coaching aspect of the process also helped us define the path of college majors even more successfully.

The feedback we have received and the success our students have experienced in the past years has been an incredible reward. The validity of our inventories is second to none. The insight and information you receive will remain solidly valid as the student grows because it is not linked to skills or experiences…it is linked to underlying inner values and innate behaviors. Can students achieve these discoveries without this experience…very possibly, yes, but, the pressure it takes off, knowing they are walking down the right path, eases the burden of the journey.

It is like using a GPS versus a map. Either tool with get you there…but, which is more efficient and which provides backup plans if there is road construction or traffic tie-ups? I believe you know the answer!

“My sole desire is for families to have this ‘Gift of Insight’ and the peace it brings…knowing that you have done everything possible to help you son or daughter DISCOVER THEIR BEST! ”

-Laurie L. Wilson
Founder, L. Wilson Group and GPS-Game Plan Strategy Coaching